The Door To Your Home is The First Impression,
With Maxon Doors.

Maxon Doors has been the name allied with magnificent doors and distinct level product portfolio included. Our business was initiated during the year 2007 and Maxon Doors are constructed with notion of unequalled quality and durability by our SENATE group.

Prime quality doors are manufactured for unchanged durability. Varieties of doors are manufactured, which includes Burma Teak Doors, Southern Yellow Pine, Moulded Skin type, Membrane and Laminated Doors.

Quality centric proposition and strategy are implemented at production process after working extensive and core research methods. This has been a greater result for repeatedly excellent usage at home or corporate space. Dimensional accuracy can be expected at every final outcome.

What We Do..

Door engineering and manufacturing is done professionally. We have brought efficiency in operations with superior tools and machineries. Video embedded showcases how our doors improves your living as part of need and style. It may be living room, bedroom or any other entry spaces of the wall. Colour of the wooden in doors matches more appropriately any walls. It may be cornered or installed at your favourite entry locations hence more creativity can be established. Also video describes how different layers are developed to bring the strength in the material. Well furbished doors has much strength to sustain at rough usage even.

We are the specialist in making the Main Doors for your beautiful home. Also we will make Decorative doors, Bedroom doors, Panel doors, Designer doors and Skin doors.

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Partner With Us

Maxon doors believes in providing highest quality products. Our team are considering productivity enhancement and expansion of business with strong network of partners in differents cities of India in a full fledged manner. If you are keen to partner with sustained interest and would like to realize your full potential with us, please communicate for more details.


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