Moulded Skin Doors

MAXON Moulded Doors are made from engineered wood to provide beauty and low maintenance at a superior value. MAXON Moulded Doors are available with either a wood grain texture or smooth finish.

MAXON Moulded Doors are an advanced version of flush doors. They Get laminated with HDF Skins, due to which doors to get strength and also enhance the beauty of home. Moulded skin doors come in different appearance according to the end user's requirement. They are available in 2, 4 & 6 panel in all standard sizes & thikness. Moulded skin doors have some major Advantages which are as follows:-

  • Elegant and easy to use
  • Aesthetic and highly durable
  • Free from splitting durable
  • Warp free
  • Water- Resistence
  • Easy to maintaince
  • Termite- proof, Borer-proof,Weather-proof
  • very Cost-Effective