Maxon Plywood

MAXON Plywood is available in two grades (BWR & MR). Dipending upon the bond strength its developed by the adhesive used for bonding the veneers.

Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) & Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade


Recommended species of Timber used to produce veneer to manufacture Plywood, Could be of selected wood. The adhesive use for bonding the veneers is melamine urea formaldehyde resin. Its is changed version in the area of old Belief of so called commercial plywood. The another is BWR Grade Plywood is bonded with superior grade phenol formaldehyde resin, this adhesive is also used in Marine Grade, Shuttering & Chequered Plywoods.


Almirah, Show Case, Shelves, Racks, Floor Underlays, Kitchen Furniture, Bed Rooms, Partitions, Chair, Study Table, Office Ceilings, Computer Lab and many more places.

Maxon Doors Handling, Finishing & Installation Guidelines

  • We strongly urge you to read and follow the guidelines detailed below. Failure to follow the guidelines below will invalidate our Limited Warranty.
  • If you are storing MAXON DOORS remember to lay it flat, keeping it clean and dry inside the polythene packaging.
  • Precaution are recommended to ensure are not subject to leave under extreme of heat, dryness or humidity.
  • Should be fitting MAXON DOORS in newly constructed/ plastred/ cemented wall. Than insist you to wait until the walls / floors / ceiling are completely dry.
  • Excessive moisture penetration can resulting a opening of joints as the wood used to manufacture the MAXON DOORS are 100% sesoned and it easily absorb the moisture.
  • If trimming is necessary, do not trim over half (inch) per side. Use sharp, fine tooth saw for best result. be sure to reseal both Top & Bottom.
  • Avoid fitting the locks at rail joint as this will also cause weakness in the joints. It is strongly recommended that awheather bar is fitted to the bottom rail of all extremely used doors minimize the chance of water seepage under neath and for long life of MAXON DOORS
  • External lipping is compolsary of minimum thickness 6mm.